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When you think of chiropractors, you may assume that they can only administer spinal adjustments to correct an ache or pain in the back or neck. But here at David Chiropractic LLC, we can go far beyond what you might expect from other chiropractors in providing you with comprehensive, "whole-person" services suitable for every age, need, and state of health. Our Sebastian chiropractor, Dr. Michael David, is ready to serve your family for life with a variety of safe, natural, effective techniques. These services include: services offered from your sebastian chiropractor

Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation 

Chiropractic spinal manipulation can relieve both acute and chronic pain, as well as a variety of other symptoms and even systemic health problems. Our Sebastian chiropractor has years of experience at identifying subluxations (small but significant dislocations in joints) and then correcting them via targeted adjustments. In addition to relieving neck and back pain, these adjustments can improve nerve function, thus improving and maintaining your overall health.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression therapy is highly successful for the treatment of bulging/herniated discs, pinched nerves, sciatica and related problems -- and it can even spare you from the prospect of back or neck surgery. Our treatment table imparts a gentle flexion distraction force that increases the space between your vertebrae, naturally drawing those painful discs back into position and enhancing their ability to heal.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine, also referred to as the "medicine of why," goes beyond merely diagnosing a physical problem by finding and treating the underlying factors that caused that ache, pain or another surface symptom. We can evaluate all aspects of your physical function as well as your lifestyle, diet, emotional stresses and other factors to formulate a personalized, multi-modal care plan.

Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy

 If you're debilitated by surgery, injuries, a recent health crisis or a chronic pain issue, come to David Chiropractic LLC. We can prescribe corrective exercises to help you regain control, balance, flexibility, and strength so you can get back to your everyday life. We also offer a wide range of physiotherapy services such as mechanical traction, micro amperage neural stimulation, interferential electrical muscle stimulation, work hardening rehabilitation and ultrasound.

Nutritional Supplementation

You can't function properly without the proper nutrition. Our chiropractor can evaluate your nutritional needs and recommend supplementation to optimize your health.

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