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Non-Surgical Knee Pain Relief at David Chiropractic LLC

Knee pain can disable you quickly and decisively, turning a whole "to-do" list of everyday tasks into impossible or inadvisable feats. You don't want to ignore the damage in your knee by numbing it with drugs. You may also be desperate to avoid a knee surgery that would keep you off your feet for even longer. That's why you should seek your knee pain relief solutions here at David Chiropractic LLC, your chiropractor serving Sebastian, Vero Beach, Palm Bay, and surrounding areas.

knee pain

The Nature of Knee Pain

Why might your knee be causing you pain? If you've recently suffered an acute injury, the answer may be obvious. An impact to the knee while the leg is planted, for instance, can cause acute tears in the knee ligaments or cartilage.

Other causes of knee pain may not be quite so clear. Constant overuse of the knee, for example, can cause a slow, subtle accumulation of soft tissue damage and inflammation. Common examples of overuse injuries include runner's knee, in which the kneecap becomes unstable and shifts position, and tendinitis created by repetitive strain on an overtaxed knee.

If the bursae of the knees become inflamed, you may develop a painful condition called bursitis. Last but not least, years of wear and tear on a knee's cartilage may cause the cartilage to break up, resulting in the pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis.

You don't have to be an athlete to give yourself a case of chronic knee pain. A simple musculoskeletal imbalance, from a spinal misalignment to poor arch support, can place excessive or uneven stress on your knees.

Our Chiropractor Can Help You Overcome Your Symptoms

Our chiropractor, Dr. Michael David, can ease most cases of knee pain the natural way, allowing you to avoid more extreme measures, such as surgery. Our functional medicine approach includes an evaluation of the knee joint itself, along with a check of your spinal alignment, weight, age, lifestyle, and other factors, to discover the underlying cause of your condition. You may need chiropractic adjustments to correct your musculoskeletal alignment and improve joint function. A combination of physiotherapy and physical rehabilitation can help a stiff or injured knee improve its pain-free range of motion and stability. 

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