Success Stories

Our Patient's Stories...In Their Own Words

There is no greater gift than to be able to help make someone's life better.  At David Chiropractic we take great pleasure with the results we get with our patients.  Many of our patients have tried other treatments that have not helped them and come to us and find the cause of their problem.  Also, many of our patients refer their family and friends to us and get the same joy of seeing them regain their health.  The following are some of those success stories.

Dr. Michael David

I suffered from neck and shoulder pain and had bad headaches. It effected my sleep and I was exhausted most of the time. Since coming to David Chiropractic I am much better! I have very little aches and I’m sleeping very well. The treatments feel great. Dr. David is great and the girls are too!

LF – Female Patient

For the past 2 years, I have experienced burning in my legs with intense pain. After treating with Dr. David, I can walk without the help of a walker and feel great.

BK – Male Patient

I had a nagging pain in my left shoulder. It made me nervous and cranky. Now I am back to my old happy self. I appreciate the courtesy and expertise of the doctor and staff.

JW – Female patient

Five months ago, I injured my neck and upper back. It was very painful. I couldn’t physically work and was in constant pain. After chiropractic care, now I have no pain. I can do all the things I’m used to doing. The doctor, staff, and the treatments were great. I will refer people with similar conditions to see Dr. David.

JS – Male Patient

I came to David Chiropractic due to sciatica. I have had it for years and was always in pain. I walked funny, was bent over and could not sleep. Now, I’m in no pain. I can do the “happy dance”! My quality of life has improved and I sleep better too!

NJ – Female Patient

I had constant, sharp back, leg and ankle pain. It was uncomfortable sitting, driving and walking. The pain woke me up at night. I am now pain free. The staff is very kind and professional. Dr. David is amazing. He takes his time to explain all options. Dr. David offers payment plans too.

SW – Female Patient

For many years, I suffered with severe neck and back pain. It made it very difficult to do everyday normal activities. Chiropractic care is pretty much the only thing that helps. The treatments are very effective and the knowledge Dr. David shares helps.

MF – Male Patient

I fell and severely injured my hip and shoulder. I needed a cane and walked with a limp. I was in pain everyday and it was hard to walk or sit. I couldn’t drive a car. I feel 100% better. I am able to do normal activities of daily life. I continue to see Dr. David periodically. He has shown me different exercises and stretching to help me at home.

PF – Female Patient

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