Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression Treatment at David Chiropractic in Sebastian, FL

People tend to think of spinal problems purely in terms of back or neck pain, when in fact some spinal issues can cause a confusing, frustrating variety of other symptoms as well. If your arms or legs aren't working as they should, or if you're experiencing strange tingling and other sensations, then you may have compressed nerve root somewhere along your spinal column. The good news is that there's a safer, easier answer than surgery -- non-surgical spinal decompression treatment, as offered at David Chiropractic in Sebastian, FL.

spinal decompression from our chiropractor in sebastian, FL

When Spinal Nerve Tissue Feels the Pinch

Under optimal conditions, your nervous system conducts motor and sensory signals throughout the body without interruption. Occasionally, however, a nerve may become pinched. When this occurs, the normal flow of information is squeezed off, resulting in distorted or incomplete signaling to specific areas of the body. But as bad as a pinched nerve sounds, a pinched nerve root is even worse. the major nerve roots extending from the spinal cord serve as the master communication lines for all the subsidiary nerves that branch out from them. Pinch a nerve root, and any or all of those subsidiary nerves may stop working properly, with results that include:

  • Pain at the impingement site
  • Referred pain to another part of the body
  • Sciatica (Pain, weakness, loss of sensation or tingling feelings in one or both legs)
  • Cervical radiculopathy (Neurological symptoms similar to those of sciatica, but in a hand or arm)

Nerve root compression can stem from several possible causes, some of which can take a long time to develop. Bulging discs (which have become flattened out and lost height over time) can alter other spinal structures while also pushing their way onto nerve roots. More dramatically, an acute injury can produce herniated discs that extrude their inflammatory inner substance onto the nerve tissue.

A Non-Surgical Answer From Vero Beach and Sebastian Chiropractor

The most extreme treatment for compressed nerve tissue involves major surgery to remove parts of discs and fuse spinal structures. Luckily, most people don't need to take that step, thanks to a safe, effective, totally non-invasive service available at David Chiropractic. Our spinal decompression treatment requires only that you sit or lie down comfortably on our specialized treatment table. After attaching a few straps, our Vero Beach and Sebastian chiropractor activate the table.

Tiny motions in the table convey flexion-distraction force to the spinal column. This outward force increases the space around discs, drawing them inward (and away from nerve roots) via vacuum pressure. Not only does this effect relieve neurological symptoms and restore normal function; it also helps herniated discs heal and adds some much-needed height to bulging discs.

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